Bus Procedures for EpiPens

 Follow this link for detailed information on our District Bus Procedures for EpiPens http://www.northsmithfieldschools.com/?q=anaphylaxis-use-bus-epinephrine-parent-notification.

Student Insurance

Please refer to the District website home page for important information about student insurance.

What happens to scheduled meetings during delays/cancellations?

Dear Family Members, when there is a school delay or cancellation, please know that scheduled meetings during the delayed or cancelled period must be rescheduled to another day.  You will be contacted by school/district personnel to reschedule to another time.  Thank you for your understanding and patience, especially during the winter season when our schedule can be disrupted by Mother Nature.

IDs required for Student Pick Up and Signed Parent Note

The Halliwell Memorial School Staff appreciates the help of parents of our stiudents for at least the first few weeks of school that you be prepared to provide your identification when picking up your children at our pickup location.  This will help our staff to be sure that your child is being released to only authorized persons. Each year we require that a signed parent note be provided to the school that you prefer to pick up your child rather than utilize bus transportation.  Notes from prior years are not retained.   Thank you very much for your assistance and patience as we get to know our students and their families and to maintain student safety.

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