Singing Their Hearts Out


Under the direction of Mrs. Greco, members of the Halliwell After School Chorus performed at the Winter Concert on Wednesday, January 20th, at North Smithfield High School's Auditorium.  Over seventy of our third, fourth, and fifth graders sang about snowflakes, winter and even ugly sweaters.  We are so proud of how our students worked hard to prepare for this memorable night!

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!

  • School is in session!  We were greeted with a light snowfall this morning.  Our learners and teachers were ready to begin 2016 with a fresh start.  Each classroom was busy writing and sharing thoughts about their break.  
  • We are looking forward to returning to our daily schedules and routines.

A Special Visit


On Wednesday, December 16, 2015, three Halliwell children accompanied students from North Smithfield Elementary School, North Smithfield Middle School, and North Smithfield High School on a field trip to The Villa and St. Antoine Residence.  Residents at both facilities were treated to holiday songs from the high school's Chamber Choir.  Our children distributed wrapped, donated presents to every individual.  It was a moving experience for everyone!  The residents smiled from the gifts and visits.  Our students enjoyed their smiles and commented on their excitement.   One child even said, "I felt the Christmas spirit."  We were honored to be a part of this wonderful tradition!


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