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Student Transportation for 2015-16


Please know that no schools in the North Smithfield School District maintain pick up or bus dismissal information for individual students from year to year. Each year parents are required to re-submit that information to the school their child will be attending. This information must be received by the school no later than two weeks prior to school opening. The first day of the 2015-16 school year is Thursday, August 27, 2015. Please plan according. Feel free to contact the school at 401-762-2793 should you have any questions. Thank you.

Proud to be a Feinstein Leadership School!

 Halliwell Memorial School is proud to be a Feinstein Leadership School. Read about our good deeds this year in our newsletter attached. Our Jr. Scholars and educators have supported both our school motto, Reach for the Stars, and our Feinstein goals by working to help those in need.

Scheduling For Students Entering Middle School in the Fall

 On Tuesday, February 10, Halliwell Grade 5 students received information to register for Grade 6 NSMS Electives for the 2015-16 school year. A handout was provided with directions to students and parents to register using the Parent Portal at

Student ID numbers are being used as the student's User Name. The Student ID numbers are located on their report cards and also accessed through the Parent Portal. Registration for electives will take place from February 6 through February 20. Should you have any questions, contact John Lahar, NSMS Principal, or William Pepin, Director of Guidance (401-766-2503).

School Bus Pickups

The message below is from Superintendent Lindberg:

 School Bus Pickups
Folks - we ask for your cooperation.  We have had several complaints about buses being held up by students who are not at the stops [e.g., waiting in cars, or in houses.] 

Our Transportation Coordinator, as well as the Bus Company Manager, have asked me to remind all parents that all riders should be at the bus stop, lined up, and ready to board the bus when it arrives.  We understand that sometimes this may occur as an “unusual” situation; however, the concern is that it may be happening as the “norm” in some situations.  Please do not hold up our buses in this fashion.  All of our buses are on a very tight schedule and out of respect for all students they do their best to get your children to school on time.  The drivers will remind parents of this practice through next week.  
I have been informed that beginning the week of Thanksgiving, the drivers will look for the riders to be visible at the stops. Thank you for your help.

Fire Drills Are Held Each Month

 Dear Parents,

Please know that per State and Federal Regulations, our schools are required to hold fire drills each month of the year. Please be sure that your child is wearing warm clothes as the weather turns colder (sweatshirts, sweaters, coats). Thank you for your help.

Bus Procedures for EpiPens

 Follow this link for detailed information on our District Bus Procedures for EpiPens

Student Insurance

Please refer to the District website home page for important information about student insurance.

What happens to scheduled meetings during delays/cancellations?

Dear Family Members, when there is a school delay or cancellation, please know that scheduled meetings during the delayed or cancelled period must be rescheduled to another day.  You will be contacted by school/district personnel to reschedule to another time.  Thank you for your understanding and patience, especially during the winter season when our schedule can be disrupted by Mother Nature.

IDs required for Student Pick Up and Signed Parent Note

The Halliwell Memorial School Staff appreciates the help of parents of our stiudents for at least the first few weeks of school that you be prepared to provide your identification when picking up your children at our pickup location.  This will help our staff to be sure that your child is being released to only authorized persons. Each year we require that a signed parent note be provided to the school that you prefer to pick up your child rather than utilize bus transportation.  Notes from prior years are not retained.   Thank you very much for your assistance and patience as we get to know our students and their families and to maintain student safety.

All School Visitors Check Into Office

It is imperative that all school visitors immediately check into our school office in building 6 and to wear a visitor's badge while on school premises.  Thank you for following this important safety protocol.

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