About Us

Welcome to the Dr. Harry L. Halliwell Memorial School website.  We hope you find this an informative way to learn about our school.  Please take some time to review some of the excellent resources and links provided on our school and district websites.

As the leader of this wonderful learning community, I strive each and every day to create an environment that is conducive to learning for our students, faculty, staff, and parents.  At Halliwell School, we believe that all students can achieve.  We all strive to help all children meet or exceed state standards in all areas.  Our goal is to ensure that all children reach high levels of success.  We have created a learning environment that will encourage active learning, positive social interactions, and self-motivation with the utmost emphasis on a happy, safe, and nurturing atmosphere.

Throughout our wonderful school you will notice copies of our school message that defines our purpose in lifelong learning.  It is called The Halliwell Promise.  Our Promise is that--We will: Do our best to learn every day; Be respectful to each other; Discuss instead of fight; Help each other; Protect each other's lings; Be patient; Stay focused and listen carefully; Be truthful; Be organized; Treat others how we wish to be treated; Make this promise every day.
We recognize that students are unique individuals.  Children come to school with varied experiences, skills, strengths, and needs.  We focus on helping students connect new learning with prior knowledge in order for each child to succeed.  We assess students' learning styles and design our instruction to address individual needs.
We continually strive to address students' individual learning needs and the development of each child as a confident, capable, and committed learner and citizen.  Some of our initiatives include:

  • Classroom Instruction That Works research-based strategies implemented in every classroom
  • Guided Reading instruction at every grade level using up to date leveled reading libraries and authentic literature
  • Focus on mathematical problem solving and building mathematical skills in line with state standards
  • Science instruction that includes exploration, inquiry tasks and scientist notebook
  • Faculty collaborative analysis of student work, assessment data and team meetings monthly
  • Personal Literacy Plans (PLPs) for each student not reading on grade level
  • Response to Intervention Team (RTI)
  • Family Literacy and Math Events
  • Differentiated instruction
  • Student recognition
  • After School Enrichment Programs
  • Volunteer Training and recognition events annually

Promoting and sustaining continuing development of the professional staff to improve the teaching and learning process is a key factor of a total professional learning community.  Halliwell School's faculty and staff members serve on a variety of school and district teams including the following:

  • Curriculum development and implementation teams
  • Resident expert teams
  • School Improvement Team (SIT)
  • Strategic Planning Teams
  • School Crisis Team
  • Special Events Committee

A thriving school community includes involved parents.  We truly appreciate the tremendous parent support at Halliwell School, including our dedicated NSPTO!  We want parents and community members to visit our school and feel welcome.  Please feel free to contact me at any time with concerns or questions.  As parents and guardians, you are the first and most important educator in your child's life.  Your children bring life to our school each day, ready to participate with excitement and eagerness.  It is an honor to have this opportunity to be a partner in the education of your children
Diane Jolin